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Not to be confused with Aaron Simpson, who also appeared in Season 7.

Aaron Francis was an Islander on Season 7 of the revived series of Love Island. Aaron entered the villa on Day 1 and was dumped from the island on Day 28.

On Love Island

Week 1

  • On Day 1, Aaron entered the villa and coupled up with Shannon.
  • On Day 2, Chloe chose to steal Aaron from Shannon.
  • On Day 5, Sharon chose to re-couple with Aaron.

Week 2

  • On Day 9, new girls Lucinda and Millie chose to take Aaron on a date.

Week 3

  • On Day 13, Aaron chose to couple up with Kaz.
  • On Day 19, Aaron chose to re-couple with Kaz.

Week 4

  • On Day 25, Aaron chose to couple up with Lucinda.

Week 5

  • On Day 28, Aaron and Lucinda were dumped from the island after receiving the fewest votes.


Day Partner
1 Shannon
2 Chloe
5 Sharon
14 Kaz
19 Kaz
25 Lucinda
32 Dumped
(Day 28)

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