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Brad McClelland was an Islander on Season 7 of the revived series of Love Island. Brad entered the villa on Day 1 and was dumped from the island on Day 16.

On Love Island

Week 1

  • On Day 1, Brad entered the villa and coupled up with Faye.
  • On Day 5, Brad failed to re-couple and was left single. It was revealed that his fate on the island would be determined by new girl Rachel, who would couple up with either Brad or Chuggs the following day.
  • On Day 6, the girls chose Brad as the winner of the "Undercover Lover" challenge.
  • On Day 6, Rachel chose to couple up with Brad.

Week 2

  • On Day 9, new girl Lucinda chose to take Brad on a date.

Week 3

  • On Day 14, Brad chose to re-couple with Lucinda.
  • On Day 16, Brad and Lucinda left the villa to go on their first date.
  • On Day 16, after receiving the fewest public votes, Brad and Lucinda then had to decide amongst themselves which one of them should be dumped. They chose Brad.


Day Partner
1 Faye
5 N/A
6 Rachel
14 Lucinda
19 Dumped
(Day 16)

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