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Danny Williams was an Islander on Season 5 of the revived series of Love Island. Danny entered the villa on Day 6 and was dumped from the island on Day 36.

On Love Island

Week 2

  • On Day 7, Danny entered the villa
  • On Day 7, as a new islander, Danny was asked to choose two girls to take on dates. He chose Amber and Yewande.
  • On Day 10, new islanders Elma and Maura both chose to take Danny on a date.

Week 3

  • On Day 14, Danny chose to couple up with Yewande.
  • On Day 18, new islander Arabella chose to take Danny on a date.

Week 4

  • On Day 22, Danny chose to re-couple with Arabella.
  • On Day 23, Danny's team won the "Sex Pop Quiz" challenge.
  • On Day 25, after being one of the four coupled to receive the fewest public votes, Arabella and Danny were at risk of being dumped. The remaining islanders had to choose one boy and one girl to dump from the island. The boys chose to dump Arabella and Danny was therefore left single.

Week 5

  • On Day 30, Danny chose to re-couple with Jourdan.

Week 6

  • On Day 36, after the public voted for their favourite couple, it was announced that Danny and Jourdan were one of the three couples with the fewest votes. Danny and Jourdan were then immediately dumped having been told they'd received the least.


Day Partner
1 Not in Villa
14 Yewande
22 Arabella
30 Jourdan
39 Dumped
(Day 36)

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